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The “Consorzio di Tutela” was founded in Scanzorosciate in December 1993. Before that the producers were grouped in Associazione Produttori Moscato di Scanzo since 1982.

The first goal of the newly formed Consortium was to create a new name and a brand for Moscato in order to get recognition as a unique red wine.
On April the 17th 2002 the new name was soon ready Moscato di Scanzo DOC.

On February 2009 the Minister of Agriculture after consultation with the National Wine Commitee granted the highest denomination (DOCG) for Moscato, becoming the one and only DOCG wine in Bergamo and the fifth one of the Lombardy Region.

The DOCG title, endorsed by a Ministerial Decree in 2009, ensures the quality and the protection of Moscato wine. Today the Consortium Moscato di Scanzo together, with the mére and the City of Scanzorosciate, is actively involved in promoting Moscato throughout various events such as the Festival del Moscato taking place in September.